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About Nutribullett

Nutribullett is one of a kind blender that has completely revolutionized the concept of blending. This product without a doubt has transformed millions of lives. Thanks to its extensive nutrition extraction technologies. One nutiblast a day is capable of solving several health issues that an individual normally faces in his or her day to day life. These smoothies are packed with fruits and vegetables. It ensures that there is almost no loss of nutrition during the process.

Why should you go for this product?

Well, if you go through the nutribullett reviews that you ought to come across on the several online platforms, you will see numerous reasons as to why an individual must go for this product. Just a handful of those reasons will be discussed in details in this section.

Believe it or not, there is indeed only one nutriblast that is brought to you in a compact size, hassle free cleanup, simple to assemble and last but not the least efficient nutrient extraction mechanisms. This is a must in every household that takes into account the health of the members of the house.

It’s so compact that it can fit in anywhere and everywhere. So even for individuals who are concerned about the amount of available space in their kitchen, this device would be a good choice. The blades are easy to clean, all an individual needs to have is a rinse of soap or dishwashing detergent along with sufficient amount of water. All the cups that come with this product are 100% dishwasher safe. These features in turn makes cleaning this product a piece of cake for almost every individual.

The Nutribullett comes with the latest extractor blades. These blades are quite efficient, they twist and squeeze the juice out from fruits and vegetables directly into the cups. You can have the juice directly from these cups. This in turn helps save a lot of time and well as the inconvenience of pouring the juice into each and every container.

Its nutrient extractions technology is what gives it an edge over the others of its class. This technology has been discussed in details below. It does nothing but transform the fruits and vegetables you have daily into a state such that it can be easily used by an individual’s digestive system. It is powered by a strong motor and specialized blades which makes use of Bullets cyclonic action in order to convert your food into raw nutrition. This device is based on the principle that an individual must make the most out of his or her food in order make the most out of his or her life.

Nutrient Extraction: Why is it used?

Nutribullett makes use of this technology for numerous reasons. To get a clear idea about why nutrient extraction is used, we must first know what nutrient extraction is. It is the mechanism or technique by virtue of which this product is able to breakdown fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and several other food products into states that are easily absorbable by our body. This product does something that no other juicer and blender is capable of.

It releases various important minerals and vitamins that are present in the cell walls of numerous plat foods. It does so by breaking down or decomposing the cell walls. Thus preserving the nutrients and making the most out of each fruit is something this product is extremely good at doing.

It’s not over there. Nutribullett further helps your digestive system by adding a lot more roughage to your diet without even you knowing it. The skins, seeds, fiber and pulp are broken down into a fine silk like texture that is easily digestible by your body. This process lets individuals imbibe the highest amount of nutrient that he or she can possibly extract from each fruit / vegetable. This is somewhat similar to having fruits and vegetables without pealing the skin ( something that most individuals try and avoid ).

What can you expect?

When it comes to nutribulletts, you can expect almost anything and everything. However, some of its major features have been discussed in this section:

  • Motor:
    Nutri bullett

Nutribullett is powered by a 2.3 horse power motor that is capable of breaking down the strongest food materials.

  • Extraction:

The extraction mechanisms don’t involve any sort of use of your hands and is pre-programmed. Your juice will be automatically collected in your glasses. This is what makes things so easy.

  • Nutrient Extraction:

This feature that has already been discussed earlier is perhaps what makes nutribullett stand out in the crowd.


Nutribullett is accompanied by a wide range of accessories that ought to get things a lot more easily for you. These accessories are designed so as to make the task of blending and juicing a lot easier and simpler. You not only get extra blades and cups, but at the same time, this product also comes with specialized lids. In addition to these, you also get a recipe book for free. This is turn acts as a complete guide for most individuals.

This product comes with a warranty for a year which in turn can be extended up to 4 years, not for free however! Thus, once you purchase this product, you can be rest assured that you won’t be spending a penny on it for half a decade or so (minimum). However, as far as the durability goes, it ought to last for years without causing much of a hassle.

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Most individuals who purchased this product where overwhelmed with its performance. It is indeed one of its kind. Every household that has used this product has noticed positive impact of this product on the health and diet of their family members. Nutribullett with out a doubt has brought about a revolution as far as the juicing industry is concerned. To top it all, the recipe book is quite handy has it gives individuals all the possible means of making the juice healthy, tasty and delicious.