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Cooking is not an easy task and everyone at some point of time experiences minor cuts while chopping fruits or vegetables. Sometimes the cuts are serious. Whatever it is, everyone desires for someone or something to help get the chopping done for them. If you are looking for something similar then you must have come across the name of NutriBullet. Nutribullets are not like any normal mixer or grinder and it comes with many added features.  Investing in Nutribullet will help you get rid of the tedious task of chopping and processing food.

You will also come across Nutribullets if you are looking for juicers. Health awareness has enhanced greatly and staying fit has become a trend. Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight effectively without compromising on health and recent surveys have shown consuming juices and smoothies are a good way to stay healthy and losing weight at the same time. This is because juices or smoothies contains all the ingredients and nutrients of a food and is available in pulverized form which is easily digestible.

But if you look up juicers in the online shops you will find that good juicers come at a very hefty price. They are also very hard to clean and also blenders are not quite effective in dealing with leafy vegetables. All the mentioned disadvantages are overcome with a NutriBullet.  A NutriBullet helps to pulverize everything, from seeds and nuts to leafy vegetables and are easy to clean as well.

What is NutriBullets?

If you think Nutribullets are just like any other grinders or blenders, you are mistaken. You will be amazed by the large number of food items that a NutriBullet can process, and it is arguably the best grinder cum chopper cum juicer available in the market. It is said that the more we can break down food, the more nutrition we can extract from it. A nutriblast is a recipe prepared by a NutriBullet and it is called so because the food is pulverized in such small particles that even our mouth can’t break it down finer than it and hence it extracts all the possible nutrients from the food mixture and we get maximum benefits.

Also it is very easy to operate and doesn’t come with many controls which often confuse users. It has extremely user friendly features and is easy to operate.   It also comes with a recipe book and user manual. The recipe book contains over 50 recipes that you can create with the help of a NutriBullet and also ways to handles different fruits and vegetables and how to prepare them.

Another great advantage of using a NutriBullet is that it does not require any additional processing of the ingredients like slicing or peeling as it is capable of processing large pieces as well as peels.


Nutribullets have a very sleek design unlike other blenders or grinders and has a slim and bullet-like appearance. The fact that it does not have any buttons for speed control or any other setting control, adds to its sleek design. There are different cup sizes which contain the ingredients and the milling blades are attached to a cup and then the cup is placed on the NutriBullet’s base and the motor starts.

It use cyclone technology to attract the ingredients to the centre where the blades rotate and then pulverizes them efficiently. There are even no buttons for switching it on or off and it is turned on when the cup is attached to the base and is removed when the cup is removed.

How to operate it

Operating Nutribullets are fairly easy and simple. The user manual will answer any doubts you might have regarding its use. A NutriBullet is mainly used to make a NutriBlast which consists of fruits and vegetables in right proportions along with additional seeds and water. This creates the perfect mixture of ingredient that is very healthy and useful for our body. Users have provided feedback   regarding their experience of creating NutriBlasts with the help of Nutribullets. Here are the results:

  • Toxic cleansing blast:

It is made of fruits and spinach and is extremely effective in cleaning our bodies of toxic products and wastes. In the beginning it was noticed that the spinach was not getting processed as it stayed out of reach of the blades at the top. But a simple removal of the cup and shaking the contents helped to provide a smooth and even blend. The thickness of the blend depends on the amount of water added. The blend was examined for any trace of spinach if left to be pulverized but nothing was noticed.

  • Immune blast:

It is prepared with spring greens and fruits. The mixture obtained is extremely useful for boosting the immune system of our body. But the blending took longer as expected since the spring greens have a harder stalk and are harder to blend than spinach. But it was also evenly blended and provided a smoothie which was free from the taste of spring greens but the texture was noticeable.

  • Seed grinding:

Seed grinding seems to be fairly effective as reported by users. If seeds are taken in the smaller cup and blended, it produced a fine powdery result.

Why buy it?

Everybody likes to eat healthy and experiment with their diet. Eating the same kind of food daily can become boring and reduce your appetite. But with the help of Nutribullets you can experiment with your diet and incorporate more ingredients in your diet. Not only so, you can also extract more out of the food and gain maximum nutrients.

Fitness freaks will be greatly benefited by its features. Also it is easy to operate and clean. It can be hand cleaned and hence makes its use even more easy and hassle free. Hence, judging by Nutribullets reviews it can be said that it will be a smart investment and it will help you make smoothies effortlessly and you can enjoy healthy foods in your diet every day.

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