nutribullet warranty – And How nutribullet recipes helps in weight loss!

nutribullet warranty

Nutribullet is nothing but a grinder, which helps in the grinding of various types of fruits and vegetables. According to the research work, it is found that the green smoothies help in losing weight very quickly. If one wants to live a healthy life, it is very much necessary to have healthy food in your life. Here are some of the green smoothie recipes prepared by nutribullet warranty.

Minto Mojito

 The ingredients desirable to make this recipe can be found easily in the market.

  • At first, you need some fresh spinach of around half a cup.
  • Next fresh mint is needed of handful amount.
  • You can either take regular water or coconut water to ¾ cups.
  • Two lime juices.
  • Hemp seeds if found in the market can also be put or you may not.
  • Fresh or frozen banana needed and should be very well chopped.
  • Two teaspoon honey i.e., optional.

You need to put all the ingredients in the nutribullet warranty product and mix it well so that it tastes great and you could have it like mouth watering. The spinach, coconut water and the mint should be blended very well in the nutribullet, until the mixture turns smooth. Simultaneously the other ingredients should be done in the same process. Finally, you need to garnish the whole thing with the lime and mint.

nutribullet warranty

Love your body

 The green smoothie known as the love your body is made out of some special ingredients and you will definitely found it to be tasty.

  • You need to take spinach of handful amount.
  • You will have to take kale of handful amount.
  • Parsley of ¼ cup should be fresh one.
  • Five strawberries should be taken as frozen.
  • Half a lemon.
  • One-fourth of sliced cucumber.
  • Hemp seeds of three teaspoons
  • Almond milk of full one cup.

Next you need to put all the liquids and green vegetables inside the nutribullet warranty, blend it till the mixture turns out to be smooth. The speed needs to be adjusted and the residual elements should be put and turn the mixture smooth.

nutribullet warranty

Avocado Grapefruit

  In order to prepare this green smoothie, the ingredients required are

  • A medium size was frozen or fresh banana is needed and should be chopped very well.
  • Half Peeled grapefruit of medium size should also be taken and should be chopped.
  • One-fourth medium peeled avocado is needed.
  • Handful of Spinach and kale is also needed.
  • Ginger root of 1in. is required.
  • Wheat grass powder of one teaspoon is needed.
  • Filtered or regular water of half a cup can also be taken.


So you need to put all the ingredients in the single mixture nutribullet warranty product and blend it well until the mixture turns out to be even. The mixture is proved to be very much helpful because t save a lot of time of yours and make such beautiful smoothies within a minute. So this, in turn, helps you lose weight drastically and you become slim and fit. The way you want your body to be shaped. So go for all the above smoothies and have a slim and fit body.