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nutribullet soup recipe

 nutribullet soup recipes


The food we eat constitutes many ingredients. One is nutrients which help us to grow and survive.  They can be classified into two categories:-

Macronutrients –

human consumes it in the largest quantity. They are mainly carbohydrate, protein and fat. Macronutrient consists of a chemical compound like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulphur. It includes minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium. They are required in the body in large quantity compared to other minerals and vitamins.

Micronutrients are required in small quantity in the body but they are vital to building and repair of the tissue, development of the body and prevention of many diseases. It includes minerals like zinc, iron, iodine and vitamin A whose deficiency may result from severe diseases. It is not produced in the body. You have to consume them from various diet foods. According to a survey around 50 percent of a child whose age varies between 6 to 15 years suffer from one or more micronutrient deficiency.

These substances are essential to support metabolism and thus for obtaining energy. The plant absorbs nutrients from the soil. Other animal intake nutrients either from plant or by eating other animals.

Nutrients are also classified into following: –

  1. Essential nutrients –

Body cannot produce it so you need to take it from your diet. Plants are a major source of essential nutrients. For the human body, it includes essential fatty acid, essential amino acid, vitamins and some minerals.

  1. Non-Essential nutrients –

Body can easily produce it or the diet we take have sufficient amount of these nutrients. An example is a fibre which improves metabolism by maintaining the bowel movement and thus, constipation can be avoided.

Why should soup be added to your diet?

Nutribullet soup recipes is basically liquid food that is prepared by boiling vegetables or chicken in a container until all nutrients are in liquid and you can get a flavour of ingredients in the liquid. Soup word is originated from French word Soupe. It can be categorised into two types: –

  1. Clear soup.
  2. Thick soup.

Soup is usually served when it is warm. Here is some best reason why you should consume soup: –

  1. It is easy to prepare –

It requires few ingredients to prepare the hot and delicious soup. It is mostly preferred by many peoples in the cold evening.

  1. It is good for health –

It is the easiest way to absorb vegetable’s ingredients and minerals.

  1. It helps in weight loss –

In today’s era, obesity is a big problem because of outside food. It is highly recommended by dieticians. It is easily affordable to prepare.

What benefit Nutibullet Rx gives while preparing soup?

The market is flooded with blenders, which has many specifications but Nutribullet Rx is compact in size and good nutrient extraction power. It is very convenient to use.

nutribullet soup recipes

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Nutribullet soup recipes

It requires pre-steamed broccoli, small diced onion, almond and skimmed milk, roasted cashew, garlic, celery, chicken, salt, rosemary, thyme and pepper. Add all ingredients in Nutribullet and on it in Nutri bullet soup mode. Nutribullet soup recipes are very easy to consume.

Nutribullet soup recipes are delicious in taste and all nutrients are consumed in the body which are in the ingredients.