Nutribullet recipies | Some amazing healthy Nutribullet recipes to tempt your taste buds

nutribullet recipies

nutribullet recipies

Are you looking for some nutribullet recipies that eventually help in reducing weight? Studies show that that Smoothie which are vegan and green in color is healthy and tasty at the same time assist you in reducing weight. You should go for tried and tested recipes in case you want to have green smoothie. Some of the simple green vegan smoothie recipes are described below.

Cholesterol Crushing Smoothie

You can control your cholesterol by the following blend in a very easy natural way. The main ingredients you need for this nutribullet recipies are 2 handfuls kale, 15 to 20 blueberries, half banana, and one-third cup boiled oatmeal, some almonds and two tablespoons raw cacao powder. Put all the ingredients in the blender and your smoothies ready to be enjoyed.

Mint Mojito Green Smoothie

The mint flavored mojito smoothie is really helpful in reducing weight. The main ingredients are 1.5 cups of fresh spinach, 3/4 cups of coconut water or regular water, 1 large handful of fresh mint leaves, 3 teaspoons of hemp seeds (you may not add as per your taste), juice of two lemons, one fresh chopped banana, a little honey around 1 tablespoon, lastly if you like it chilled you may add some crushed ice.

How to make:

You need to put the mint, coconut water or regular water and spinach in the NutriBullet .You now blend it to form a smooth mixture. Next you put the hemp seeds and lime juice with banana in the blender. Optionally you may add in the honey and a few ice cubes if you’d like then blend until the mixture is smooth. Finally you can garnish the smoothie with lime and mint leaves to make it look tempting.

Tasty Green Smoothie

The main ingredients for nutribullet recipies are a bunch of spinach, one-fourth cup of fresh parsley leaves, handful of kale, half a lime, one fourth sliced cucumbers, five frozen strawberries, and three teaspoons of hemp seeds and finally one cup of milk.

How to make: First you mix all the above green vegetables with liquids inside the NutriBullet. You can grind it to form a homogenous mixture along with smooth consistency. You should also maintain the speed and put the rest of the remaining ingredients to form a smooth mixture.

nutribullet recipies

Hormone helping smoothie

The main ingredients for these nutribullet recipies are one fourth small raw beet, two small broccoli florets, ten raspberries, ten red seedless grapes, goji berries, olive oil and finally half small peeled avocado. You add all these ingredients in the mixer up to the max line with distilled or coconut water. You can now relax and enjoy this healthy recipe.

Grapefruit Avocado Green Smoothie

The main ingredients are 1 medium frozen banana; one fourth medium peeled avocado, 1 large bunch kale or spinach, half cup medium peeled grapes, chopped ginger root, one tablespoon wheatgrass powder and lastly half cup of filtered or regular water.

Directions to make:

You must combine all the ingredients in the juicer and produce a smooth blend. This green vegetable gives all the natural input of vitamins and minerals.