Nutribullet pro reviews – pros and cons of the wonder machine!

nutribullet pro reviews

 nutribullet pro reviews

Today life is moving at a very fast pace and in these circumstances keeping a close check on healthy eating and juggling other personal and professional responsibilities becomes quite tedious. It is here that the Nutribullet blender comes to the rescue of individuals who are always on a go or are fighting severe obesity concerns. This compact blender which is storehouse of power provides with great ease a bountiful dose of healthy and nutrient rich smoothies which are necessary for healthy living.

While undertaking the Nutribullet pro reviews many of its features were taken into consideration.

Features of nutribullet pro

Commonly known as the magic bullet the Nutribullet is loaded with a plethora of features which make this juice extractor a good choice.

  • The Nutribullet Pro is equipped with a motor which undertakes 25000 rotations per minute.
  • It has Powerful extraction blades.
  • The motor of this machine has a 900watts power.
  • Small dimensions ensure better storage and usability.

Inclusions with the nutribullet pro

To get a more comprehensive Nutribullet Pro Reviews its various inclusions also needs to be closely analysed. The various components which one gets when he/she purchases a Nutribullet Pro includes:

  • A 32oz colossal cup.
  • 3 Blender cups, which are accompanied by 2 stay fresh lids.
  • 2 Extractor Blades, which help in fast extraction.
  • The blender also includes a flip lid for travel.
  • Apart from this the Nutribullet pro comes with a recipe book, with instructions to make some delectable dishes.

So all in all this juicer comes with a diverse set of attachments which make it a perfect replacement for many small kitchen appliances.


The Nutribullet Pro Reviews brings about some fascinating facts about this mini-blender. This blender has great features which makes it a desirable choice over other blenders in the same segment. Some of the benefits of Nutribullet Pro are:

  • Most of the parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher and thus this blender has an easy and quick clean-up process.
  • The blender is a great choice for those on a go, as it has comfortable flip lids for travel.
  • The extraction blades are very efficient and can perform a variety of functions from grinding to extraction of juices.
  • The motor is powerful and has the ability to mix every stem and seed in one’s drink.
  • Performs multiple functions and hence is a multi- tasker.


Like any other product this blender too has its flip side in form of:

  • Unavailability of speed choices, which makes this blender unfit for juicing leafy greens.
  • Inability to use this blender continuously for more than a minute.
  • Components of this blender are made with plastic which is not safe for carrying hot ingredients.

These are certain constraints which have been experienced by the users of this product and are its major drawbacks.

Final verdict

nutribullet pro reviews

The Nutribullet Pro Reviews culminates on the fact that this blender is a good choice owing to the variability of its features and functioning. This product is a boon for those who want a quick boost of nutrients in form of a smoothie and do not want to waste much time on clean-up process. So Nutribullet Pro is a great companion for people at an affordable price.