The nutribullet blades will revolutionize your kitchen blender!

nutribullet blades

 nutribullet blades

An intake of nutrients is very important for you to further healthy living. Exercising and getting enough sleep is not enough after all. Your body needs a lot of nutrition to keep up with the hectic life you live today.

Not everyone has the time to sit and eat big meals but that doesn’t mean that they should neglect their health. To answer this problem, the founders of nutrient extraction bring to you a state of the art kitchen appliance- the nutribullet blades.

nutribullet blades

Why choose this brand?

When you sit behind the wheel that guides your health cart you choose only the freshest and mineral packed fruits and vegetables. Instead of chopping, boiling, frying and sautéing them and stripping them of their nutritional value, put them in this blender, give it a good mix and serve yourself a delicious and healthy juice or smoothie.

How is it any different?

If you are a health conscious person with a schedule so packed you have no breathing space, worry not; the nutribullet blades is here for you. It is very light in weight making it portable. It has a sleek finish with easy assembly so you can put it together and pull it apart really quickly and it will even match your modern kitchen range.

A special feature about this blender is its mixing glass. This is actually shaped like a glass so you can mix your drink in it and drink from it. This saves you the hassle of doing more dishes. And this blender is so small that you can stick it in your dishwasher instead of washing it by hand.

Why is a nutribullet blade the better option?

This blender is known for its special, unique and custom made nutribullet blades. These blades do not just chop the fruits finely but they break the fruits down so every last nutrient and mineral can be an extracted from them.

Instead of separating the water from the pulp this blender finely crushes it all to make a smooth silky juice that you can finish within minutes. The purpose of drinking juices with a consistency like water is not just that they’re easy to gulp but also because it’s easier for the body to digest and extract nourishment.

What’s more

You can also find pre blended protein mixes that you can quickly mix with your smoothies and juices in your own blender to increase its health quotient. These mixes have the perfect balance of proteins, minerals, fibres and other nutrients that give your face a glow, your hair a shine and your body more energy to maintain a good shape.

You can also find the nutribullet book that has a very long list of delicious and unique fruit juice mixes. Whether it is for your kid’s birthday party, an afternoon with your friends or a lavish family dinner; quickly get appropriate recipes from this book and switch your cold drinks with delightful fruit smoothies as smooth as silk.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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