8 important things to consider before buying a smoothie blender

Nutribullet Australia

Nutribullet Australia

Nutribullet Australia: 8 important things to consider before buying a smoothie blender: When a smoothie is going to be made, it is obvious for a person to look for fresh veggies and fruits. But one must also give fair amount of care to use the right type of blender to get the recipe right. The popular type of blenders that are used to make a smoothie are Nutribullet Australia blenders.

Today there are blenders which are designed solely for making smoothies. The key features of such machines include crushing ice, slicing fruits and other ingredients to liquefied state that normally wouldn’t be possible with the help of kitchen mixer or juicer. These Nutribullet Australia blenders are configured to have plenty of power which helps in getting a smoothie done quickly.

As smoothies are favorite of many people they would like to make smoothies anytime at home. Some people want to consume green smoothies because they are healthy and others would like to have them leisurely as they taste extremely good.

Many companies after observing this and actively producing various types of smoothie blenders. So a person is shown varieties of blenders before buying one. This could be exciting and equally confusing for a buyer. If you are wondering about what could be the best smoothie blender in the market, then you have to know about various aspects that can make a blender best for you. Here are the 8 important things you need to keep an eye on while buying a blender.


The best blender must have a good amount of power. For smoothies, the Nutribullet Australia blender should have a power of at least 500 watts.  Higher power in a blender will finely churn and cut the ingredients which will give you a nice textured smoothie. Perhaps this is the most the important thing that you need to look for in blenders. The power is also related to the blender’s capacity to crush harder ingredients and liquefy them. Usually most of us expect to crush all the vegetables, fruits, ice and nuts without having to see any leftovers at the end. For this the blade in the blender should rotate at high speed and cut all the ingredients.

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Buying a high end blender is always a good option. The low priced blenders over a long run suffer a lot of problems like blunt blades, leakage, crack in the plastic and others. A high end blender follows a ergonometric design and uses good quality materials in the makeup. In the world of blender, Nutribullet Australia, Blendec and Vitamix are some of the popular high ends which one can buy and rely on for years. Both build wise and quality wise these blenders are greater even if they cost a bit more.

The mid range blenders usually cost in the range $90-$180 and higher. These are well equipped and can handle smoothies on a regular basis. The cheap blenders are available at $30 or less. These are rarely made of good quality and haunt the owner with different problems. But if you are on a budget and do not want to make smoothies everyday then cheap blenders could help you. On a long run definitely the high end or mid range blenders will pay out.

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Pitcher or  Jar

Jar or pitcher is another important aspect to consider. You should buy a blender with a pitcher that has the capacity to serve you or the entire family. With inadequate capacity you might have to blend multiple times and it can be annoying. Usually blenders come with pitcher size of 32, 48 and 64oz.

Another aspect that you have to watch for in a pitcher is whether it is made of plastic or glass. The plastic jars might some cheap but they are less vulnerable to breakage. On the other hand glass jars give a sense of cleanliness but they tend to break on when dropped accidentally. The best thing you can do is pick a BPA free pitcher as it is shatter proof and doesn’t scratch easily.


The design of the blender is important because of different reasons. One is related to space in your kitchen. Some of you might prefer a portable blender to save counter space and others would not mind having a big blender in a spacious kitchen. Next thing you want to see is whether the  color of the blender fits the interiors of your kitchen and other appliances.

Easy Operation

You have to choose a blender that is easy to operate and has  features to serve you well. The pulse button is one of the interesting features that many people are wanting to have in their blender. This function allows you to blend rapidly with a press of this button. For crushing ice this button is helpful as the blender rapidly crushes ice and prevents heating of motor.

Easy Cleaning

A blender that is used to make smoothies should be clean. The jar should be intact to avoid liquid spills as cleanup  can be difficult especially when the liquid sweeps down into the motor unit. Also the dials, switch and other controls should be easily accessible while cleaning. You might want a Nutribullet Australia blender whose blades can  be removed easily for cleaning. Also many users want to clean the blender without having to remove the blade. Check about this before buying


One of the often ignored thing about a blender is it’s stability. While you put in heavy ingredients you don’t want the blender to shake on the counter. A heavy base will help the blender to stay in place while running at high speed. The vibrations in the motor may cause a blender to shake and this is prevented by a heavy base.

Nutribullet Australia warranty


The best thing about good blenders like Nutribullet Australia is that they come with extended period of warranty. If the blender has some problem, it can fixed at zero or less cost. Before you buy a blender make sure that warranty covers the service and parts cost. This will save you from unnecessary costs. There shouldn’t be a situation where you are forced to ditch the old blender because it’s repair costs are higher and not feasible.