Nutribullet accessories and their List on how to use it!

nutribullet accessories

 nutribullet accessories

What is the nutribullet?

Nutribullet is that multi-tasking machine that enables you to blend anything and everything in the smoothest of textures. It is very useful as it not only provides you with the smoothest texture smoothies, drinks and does for ice creams, but also sees to it that it is done at the most minimum time possible. It makes your work very faster and life, easier.

The Nutribullet accessories

Nutribullet accessories are such accessories that come along with the Nutribullet Kit. These accessories are the ‘must haves’ without which your entire Nutribullet experience will be shadowed. However, to acquaint you with the accessories of Nutribullet and its uses, here is a list given below:

  • Cross blade:

Cross blade is the distinctive fusion of the cross blade and Nutribullet’s incompatible Cyconic operation. This is also termed as Extractor blade. The unique Cyconic action of the cross blade along with its distinctive features enables the food to be broken down into fine particles.

Also, it minces, mangles and the grinds almost any food into smoothest of texture and make it possible for you to explore the positive impact of nutrients hidden in the food, in your body.

  • Nutribullet pro:

Nutribullet pro is that Nutribullet Accessory that is responsible for the most action acting on your food. Smoothies to energy drinks, ice cream does to cookie does, Nutribullet Pro does it all. However, with out the cross blade placed inside the Nutribullet pro, the story would not have been the same.

Although cross blade is the real accessory behind the efficient pulverization of food, without Nutribullet pro’s unique and excellent cup design, food would not have been grinded or crushed in the same manner as it can be done, with the Nutribullet pro. It is one of the best Nutribullet accessories.

nutribullet accessorie

  • 32 oz collosal cup with lip ring:

After the Nutribullet pro and Cross blade, it comes the extra large colossal cup with lip ring that has enough space to make smoothies and drinks for at least two people. It has many distinctive features because of which it is used.

The first being the fact that it is BPA free and it is durable. The secondly, it is dishwasher safe and does not get damaged when put into the dishwasher. It has the unique quality of extracting and blending in the same cup. You don’t need to waste your time blending and extracting separately. The lip ring that comes along with it, helps you drink in the cup itself.

  • Flip lid:

Last but not the least Flip lid is that nutribullet accessory that helps you cover your drink with sheer efficiency and enables you to carry it anywhere. Be it Breakfast juice or work out drink, Flip lid ensures to make your Nutribullet experience worthwhile. The Flip lid, like other Nutribullet accessories is BPA free, can be washed in the dishwasher and easy to use.

These four constitute the entire Nutribullet Kit and are a must if you are a Nutribullet user.