Nutribullet 900w recipes that are sure to bowl you over!

nutribullet 900w

 nutribullet 900w

What is nutribullet 900w?

Nutribullet 900w is that magical multi tasking machine that helps you blend the perfect smoothies and energy drinks in no time. They are smoother and faster than Nutribullet 600w and also give you the perfect taste of the perfect summer and winter drinks without having to go to Starbucks or any other fancy restaurant as such. With the Nutribullet at your service, you definitely would not need that.

Why nutribullet?

Nutribullet 900w is the perfect pick for anyone out there, kids and adults alike due to its excellent features. It not only gives you the perfect Starbucks taste to your smoothies but also tend to make its texture far smoother than Starbucks.

The best Nutribullet 900w recipes are given below. They are also the reason why Nutribullet 900 is on the top of the must have list of people today.

  • Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

You must be wondering how Nutribullet can go on to help you make ice cream, is it not? Well, the answer to your query is that you have to freeze the doe that you prepare in Nutribullet to get the perfect ice cream that there is.

You all must often have complained about the dilute texture of ice creams in shops, have you not? Well, home-made ice cream suffices for it all. All you need to do is blend Peanut Butter, chocolate, whipped cream and a little bit of sugar in your Nutribullet and then freeze it. This recipe is loved by people of all age groups.

nutribullet 900w

  • Banana oatmeal strawberry smoothie

Next on the Nutribullet best recipe list is Banana oatmeal Strawberry smoothie that is actually a smooth blend of oatmeal, Banana, Strawberry and sugar. Nutribullet blends the fruits in such a manner that the smoothie tends to leave you at a lack of words. It tastes even better when served with almond cuttings on top. As a perfect combination of health and taste, Banana Oatmeal Strawberry Smoothie is loved by all.

  • Berry almond and kale smoothie

This recipe is a must have for all the health freaks. A perfect blend of blue berry, almond, milk and kale is found in this smoothie. It will enthrall you and surely top it to your must have list in smoothies. This smoothie does not only taste like heaven but also has the right nutrients to keep you fit and give you lots of energy. Nutribullet is what you should thank to, for the wonderfully smooth texture of your smoothies.

  • Avocado tangle berry smoothie

This is yet another wonderful smoothie recipe that you get along with Nutribullet 900. Avocado Tangle berry smoothie is sure to bowl you over with its creamy texture and superb taste. It is made by blending tangle berries, avocados, sugar and a few almonds if you like the taste.

This is yet another example of a healthy and the tasty drink. Avocados are the bonuses in this recipe since its presence is felt only because of its creamy texture.