The perfect bullet recipes and smoothie`s for kids

bullet recipe

 bullet recipes

What is a bullet?

A magic bullet is a machine that is sure to alter your cooking experience for good. Starting from mixing, blending, cutting and chopping to mincing and whipping, the magic bullet does it all and that too in a matter of seconds. This is the very reason why magic bullet is now the new favorite for moms who once tired of nagging their little ones to finish their juices are now being asked for more of the delicious smoothies by their kids.

The perfect magic bullet recipes in smoothies that kids are sure to love are as follows:

  • Pink strawberry lemonade watermelon smoothie

Pink strawberry lemonade watermelon smoothie is the perfect combination of health and taste and is a must try for the kids. This special smoothie needs just a few ingredients which are- a few Strawberries, a few slices of watermelon with no seeds, half a cup of lemon juice and sugar according to your taste. After arranging the ingredients together, you can blend it until it gets a smooth texture.

Its specialty lies in the fact that it uses no milk which is why kids can have it when they’re suffering from cold. Also, this bullet recipes rich taste bowls kids over and hence makes it the first choice when it comes to ‘healthy’ smoothies.

  • Peach banana orange smoothie

Like the Pink strawberry lemonade watermelon smoothie, Peach Banana Orange smoothie has a lot of little fans too. This smoothie is one of the healthiest bullet recipes and is a sure pick by mothers and kids alike. Prepared by blending peach, orange, banana and sugar, Peach Banana orange smoothie can be altered according to your choice. If your kids like their smoothies thick put more bananas and if your kids like a smooth texture to their smoothie go for more oranges.

  • Nutella banana smoothie

Now that we’re done with the two healthiest smoothies, let’s move on to the not-so-healthy but delicious bullet recipes that kids are sure to LOVE. Nutella Banana Smoothie as the name itself suggests is a smoothie made by blending bananas and Nutella. However, you also need to add a cup of non fat yoghurt for the heavenly taste. This smoothie is sure to be loved by all, kids and adults alike.

bullet recipe

  • Banana raspberry chocolate chip smoothie

The next in the line for the most delicious non healthy smoothie, comes Banana raspberry chocolate chip smoothie. To make this smoothie, all you need to do is blend Bananas, raspberry, sugar and chocolate chip in magic bullet and then add more chocolate chips while serving. Kids are sure to love this. (Why? Because Chocolate.)

  • Chocolate banana strawberry smoothie

The last most loved smoothie is Chocolate Banana Strawberry smoothie. This smoothie can be made by blending Slabs of chocolate, bananas and strawberry in magic bullet. This is the perfect smoothie for summer and kids love it to bits. Whenever kids try to pine you over little things, hand over Chocolate Banana Strawberry Smoothie and get it over with.